10 Apartment Patio Ideas: Chic Ways to Introduce Color, Plants and Furniture

Apartment patio ideas bring the welcome sights, sounds, and scents of the outdoors to what can be a very compact home. And, in addition to planting, dining furniture or comfortable seating is likely to be on the list of desirable features for an apartment patio that makes the most of existing outdoor space and patio ideas. .

The patio is welcome extra square footage if you live in an apartment and echoing the colors and patterns featured in your apartment ideas can ensure that the interior and exterior are cohesive and give the impression that the apartment is bigger. But decorative piece ideas will also give the patio an individual flair, and we’ve rounded up our favorite apartment patio ideas as a starting point for your own plans.

Apartment Patio Ideas

From color combinations to clever furniture designs, these patio ideas are perfect for making outdoor space stylish and highly usable.

1. Create the perfect backdrop with black

apartment/garden patio idea with outdoor table and chairs, candles, cushions, lanterns

(Image credit: Neptune)

“For jewel patios, alfresco dining ideas are often the order of the day,” says George Miller, interior designer at Neptune. “A generous table and movable benches will create a truly sociable space, made even more inviting with a selection of pillows and blankets, lanterns and portable lighting. A black picket fence can work wonders too – providing the backdrop perfect for your project (and your plant life), while making your patio look bigger than it is.

2. Opt for slim seats when space is tight

apartment patio with bistro area

(Image credit: Noor)

“Your apartment patio ideas need to consider that space can be tight, so the key is to be smart with what you have,” says Melanie Griffiths, editor, period of life. “Slimline tables will be your best friend and choose rectangular rather than circular tables so they use as little space as possible.”

3. Add an outdoor rug to a seating area on a patio

patio with decking, white walls, wooden table and rattan chair set, outdoor rug, plants, climbers

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

“For this apartment patio, a white and blue striped rug was used to pull together a small sitting area that makes the most of the room by creating a decorative and functional space,” says Katie Lions, senior interior designer at Kitesgrove.

“The incorporation of plants, wooden elements and natural textures makes the patio feel like a garden oasis and the perfect outdoor relaxation spot.”

4. Enjoy a Mediterranean vibe

outdoor patio with patterned tile, turquoise painted wall, metal bench, hats on the wall, lush plants

(Image credit: Neptune)

Space to achieve apartment patio ideas can be limited, but well-chosen decor and patio furniture ideas can make all the difference. “If you only have room for a perch for two on your patio, consider making it a real feature,” says George Miller. “A single bench will benefit from a confident and inviting backdrop. Consider a characterful color for nearby walls or fences, lots of plants and a few smaller accessories to make the most of your chosen room.

5. Create an outdoor living room on an apartment terrace

modern apartment patio with white and metallic outdoor sofa and armchairs, sea view, pale gray tiled floor, glass panels

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop/Chad Mellon)

Echo the indoor style if an outdoor living room is one of your apartment patio ideas. “This space incorporates a sophisticated palette of hazy hues, plush materials, and lavish furnishings for a seamless concept. Comfortable furniture invites outdoor entertaining and expands the space indoors,” says Lindye Galloway, Founder and Creative Director at Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop.

6. Take your indoor style outdoors

apartment patio with pink painted walls, wrought iron table and chairs, plant pots, urns

(Image credit: Michelle Nussbaumer/Douglas Friedman)

Let interior influences extend to the patio. “The main courtyard is divided by an outdoor sala – it’s a place where everyone likes to gather,” says Michelle Nussbaumer, owner and lead designer at Michelle Nussbaumer. “The arches on the property have their origins in Islamic architecture that crossed Morocco, Spain and Mexico. The furnishings in the house are a mix of Italian Colonial, Spanish Baroque, and Mexican antiques, and the artwork ranges from Mexican Colonial times to well-known contemporary Mexican artists.

7. Brighten up an apartment patio with planters

apartment patio with colorful planters

(Image credit: House of Dome)

Container gardening can brighten up an apartment patio. “A good idea is to choose versatile planters that look just as good indoors for style continuity,” says Jane Nicolson, co-founder of House of Dome.

‘Our top choice are Italian brand Slide Design’s contemporary Base Pot planters which are lightweight, easy to move around and available in three sizes/heights so they work brilliantly when displayed as a collection. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use and you can choose and mix from over 20 colors so they are easy to match your decor, and you can also select an optional lacquer finish for an extra luxury style. .

8. Create an outdoor paradise with greenery

apartment patio with view from living area

(Image credit: Nooor/Agathe Tissier)

Make the space lush with foliage plants. “The fastest way to achieve leafy apartment patio ideas is to go for plants like bamboo and ferns with their interesting foliage,” says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

“For alfresco dining in the greenery, choose a table that fits proportionally to the space in a weatherproof material, so you don’t have to store it indoors.”

9. Paint your furniture and planters

apartment patio with turquoise wall, bistro seating, planters

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Consider painting furniture to add personality to an apartment patio. “Even the smallest of patio spaces can be transformed with color,” says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene.

‘It is often the norm in traditional gardens to paint exterior walls or exterior details in harmonious colors to blend in with their natural surroundings, but where space is at a premium, opt for a bold, vibrant color such as the deep Canton teal that will bring a feeling of summer all year round. Alternatively, pair a rich blue like Marine Blue with bright yellow Mister David on flower pots or garden furniture for a splash of color.

10. Design a comfortable outdoor space

Apartment patio idea for outdoor seating

(Image credit: OKA)

‘Spending time outdoors with family and friends is one of the great joys of the summer months, but you don’t need a big space to make the most of the warm weather – everything you need you need is a comfortable seat and a place to set down a cocktail or two,” says Sue Jones, co-founder of OKA. ‘Our all-weather rattan chairs are practical and elegant, and will find their place on a patio or a terrace.

‘Even the smallest of spaces can be enlivened with prints and colors, so I recommend replacing a traditional side table with OKA’s Rander ceramic stool – not only do the stripes add a fun pop of pattern, but it’s also a great space saver and can double as a spare seat when last-minute guests show up.

How to beautify a small terrace?

There are plenty of ways to spruce up a small patio. Grow a container garden to make it more attractive. Flowers and foliage will add color, texture, and even an attractive sound as the wind moves the leaves.

Lay a patterned outdoor rug under your feet and consider painting walls or fences to create an attractive backdrop. Also consider painting furniture that looks tired and introducing color with pillows and throws that will add comfort and interest.

How do I get privacy on my apartment terrace?

To achieve privacy on the terrace of an apartment, you can install screens made of bamboo or other materials. They will still let light through, but they can keep it from being overlooked.

Although not an instant cure, growing vines will make your space private when they have reached sufficient height and there are plenty of options that will grow well in containers. For a quicker fix, invest in tall shrubs and foliage plants to provide screen.

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