2 Canadians killed and another injured in shooting in Mexico, police say

Two Canadians were killed Friday and another was injured in a shooting at a hotel along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, state authorities said.

Quintana Roo State Security Chief Lucio Hernandez said via Twitter that authorities were looking for a guest from Hotel Xcaret in the shooting. He shared a photo of a man walking with a handgun.

The Xcaret station is south of Playa del Carmen.

Authorities said all three victims were taken to hospital, but two died.

WATCH | Police share footage of the suspect who fired:

2 Canadian tourists killed and another injured in shooting in Mexico

Two Canadian tourists are dead and another is injured after a shooting at a resort on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

The Quintana Roo State Attorney’s Office said via Twitter that the shooting suspect was also apparently a guest and that Canadian police informed them that he was a known criminal with a lengthy criminal record relating to thefts. skilled, drugs and weapons. The office said both victims also had criminal records.

In a statement, Global Affairs Canada said the federal government is aware of reports that Canadian citizens have been affected by “an incident in Mexico” and that consular officials are contacting local authorities to find out more.

Forensic technicians and hotel employees are seen at the Xcaret hotel on Friday. (Reuters)

This is just the latest act of brazen violence along Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya, the crown jewel of its tourism industry.

In November, a shootout on the beach in Puerto Morelos left two suspected drug traffickers dead. Authorities said there were about 15 gunmen from a gang there who were apparently vying for control of drug sales.

In late October, further south in the laid-back destination of Tulum, two tourists – one an India-born Californian travel blogger and the other German – were caught in the apparent crossfire of rival drug dealers and killed.

Following these events, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent nearly 1,500 members of the National Guard to reinforce security in the region.

The Xcaret complex is located south of Playa del Carmen, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Friday’s shooting is the latest brazen act of violence along the country’s famed Riviera Maya, the crown jewel of its tourism industry. (Radio Canada)

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