Apartment bought in Mexico for 5.78 Bitcoin

The purchase marks the first home sale of Latin American real estate market leader La Haus for bitcoin.

Latin American real estate platform La Haus made its first house sale for bitcoin two months after announcing that it would start accepting the peer-to-peer currency as payment for real estate sales in Colombia and the United States. Mexico.

A Peruvian woman exchanged 5.78 BTC for an exclusive apartment located in one of the most desirable areas of the city of Tulum, Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the company announced on Wednesday.

“One of the aspects that appealed to us the most when integrating this payment method, in addition to the ease it represents, was the possibility of breaking down geographical barriers,” said Jehudi Castro, vice – president of innovation and the future at La Haus. “It not only makes us proud, but also shows that the way we buy a home is changing. Not only are we doing it digitally, breaking geographical barriers, but now we are doing it breaking monetary borders.

The Colombian reported that the purchase value did not need to be converted into fiat currency because the receiving party decided to keep the bitcoin. The exchange was made through Palais, a project carried out in Tulum by real estate developer Rivieralty, which has partnered with La Haus to be able to sell the property in bitcoin.

The Haus said it expects to complete the first home sale for BTC in Colombia in the coming weeks as it expands the number of properties available for purchase with the new payment method.

In November, La Haus announced that it would begin accepting bitcoin for its real estate sales through a partnership with payment processing provider OpenNode, which has now paid off as the company is able to receive BTC on-chain. and on the Lightning Network.

“Real estate purchases are another perfect use case for Bitcoin, a global payment network designed to optimize the transfer of value,” OpenNode chief operating officer Kevin Adekayode said when La Haus announced he would start. to accept payments in bitcoin. “We are thrilled to work with La Haus, a forward-thinking company that is not content to settle for the status quo.”

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