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Handwritten whiteboard menus and cash-only takeout windows don’t necessarily conjure up mouthwatering food images, especially when the menu includes items like lengua (cow’s tongue) and log. (pork stomach). But if you’re looking for authentic Mexican food, your best bet is at restaurants that serve traditional specialties like these – lest you end up with a three-cheese mix with hamburger meat in a taco shell. hard and stale. (Traditional Mexican taco toppings are cilantro, onion, and lime rather than grated cheese, and soft, hand-made corn tortillas are a must.)

As adventurous eaters, more concerned with the food itself than with chic service and chic interiors, have discovered holey taquerías and even food trucks – hidden gems – often serve the tastiest dishes. (Here is the best hidden gem restaurant in every state.)

24/7 Tempo researched the best hidden gem Mexican restaurant in every state, using reviews and ratings from a wide range of websites, including Food and wine, The meal of the day, Cheap, Eater, Bark, Thrillist, and Taste of the house, as well as listings of state and regional restaurants. (For a wider choice of locations, see also our list of the best mexican restaurant in every state.)

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A handful of them are indeed food trucks offering limited menus consisting mostly of classic street taco toppings like carnitas and al pastor. The menus for these trucks and restaurants are often in Spanish (sometimes with English translations), and glass bottles of imported Mexican coke are a staple drink. Many of these gems are small, family owned establishments that serve an incredibly loyal clientele and are known to have the only authentic Mexican food in town.

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