Brothers team up to take over Mexican restaurant Holland Township

TWP HOLLAND. – Javier Perez and Jose De La Cruz prepare to live the dream.

The brothers will resume operations at El Huarache, a popular Mexican restaurant in Holland Township, on Friday, April 1.

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“I’ve been going to this restaurant since I was young,” De La Cruz told The Sentinel. “I love their food. I’ve known them for a long time. They’re like family, because they’ve known my family for many years. They’re helping us achieve our dream.”

De La Cruz watched El Huarache from afar received a mix of backlash and support in March 2021 after posting that he would “go bankrupt” on his marquee before admitting it was just a prank to generate more business.

Nine months later, he found that the building, business and equipment had been listed for $395,000. When the roster went from buy to lease, De La Cruz and his brother jumped at the chance.

El Huarache Chicken Tacos on Butternut Drive in Holland Township.

“It’s been our dream for a long time,” he said. “My mom actually owned a restaurant about eight years ago, but it ended up closing. My brother has been with Applebee for years and I’ve always had my own vision of working for myself. We decided to to unite our visions and our minds together to do this.”

The brothers are currently training at El Huarache, learning the menu and getting to know the staff members. They hope to buy the business soon after their lease begins.

“Over the past two weeks, everything has changed,” De La Cruz said. “We didn’t expect it all to come together so quickly. We’re so excited to continue. This is a great restaurant with a great menu, and we weren’t ready to take a close look at it.”

The brothers will explore adding menu items and extending daylight saving hours – but plan to continue the tradition established by the previous owner.

El Huarache has over 10 years of history in Holland and includes a drive-thru window, indoor seating for 12 and an outdoor patio at 517 Butternut Drive.

“I know there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in town,” De La Cruz said. “But we want to stand out. We don’t want to be the average restaurant. We want to bring the flavor of different states and different cuisines of Mexico.”

El Huarache has over 10 years of history in Holland and features a drive-in window, indoor seating for 12 and an outdoor patio at 517 Butternut Drive. De La Cruz and Perez formed a new facebook page, which features a graphic of the restaurant and is listed under “El Huarache”.

“It’s been such a blessing,” De La Cruz said. “We are delighted with that.”

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