Cameron Mitchell El Segundo Mexican restaurant opens in Short North



Cameron Mitchell’s first Mexican-style restaurant is now open in Short North.

El Segundo welcomed its first guests on Tuesday, and staff said the restaurant has been busy every night since.

The bustling interior of Short North’s latest restaurant is lined with hand-painted Mexican street art murals, and sombreros hang from the ceiling.

Rows of brightly colored cabins line the dining area, and an open kitchen can be found at the north end of the building, within sight of several cabins and tables.

El Segundo spit grill

Patrons can see pork roasting on a spit rack that El Segundo uses for its al pastor tacos. The meat slowly roasted on the vertical spit right in front of customers makes the item the restaurant’s most popular selection, said executive chef Geoff Baumberger.

“People see this and they say, ‘Oh, I want to get it,’” he said. He said all of the restaurant’s tacos and appetizers like fries and salsa are selling well so far.

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Representatives for Cameron Mitchell have taken a research trip to Mexico to create an authentic Mexican restaurant, the chef said.

The group sampled tequila at a famous Mexican tequila distillery, sampled Mexican food, and chose several barrels of tequila to bring back to the United States.

General Manager Jessica Stull serves an appetizer to Powell residents Joan and Greg Welsh at El Segundo, Cameron Mitchell's first Mexican restaurant.  It can be found in the former Rigsby's restaurant at 698 N High St.

“They were inspired by a few restaurants where they really liked to eat,” Baumberger said. “They wanted this to look like a place where you are going to have a good time.”

Tacos cost between $ 15 and $ 17 in El Segundo. Other dishes range from $ 14 to $ 32.

Tequila El Segundo

The restaurant’s drink menu focuses on Mexico’s most famous drink: tequila.

El Segundo has an ever-changing tequila menu, and the bar has frozen margarita machines and serves margaritas on tap.

“We batch it internally and put it in a keg,” said El Segundo CEO Jessica Stull.

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The classic mixed drink has proven to be a bestseller so far, she said.

“I think we sold 250 margaritas last night,” Stull said Friday.

Margaritas are around $ 11 at Short North Restaurant.

Cameron Mitchell restaurants want El Segundo to be one of the first Mexican-style restaurants in Greater Columbus, Baumberger said.

“Our goal is to give you the best possible Mexican dining experience,” he said.

Cameron Mitchell's first Mexican restaurant El Segundo can be found in the former Rigsby's restaurant at 698 N High St.

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