El Paso’s popular Mexican restaurant, Tacoholics, is moving to South Africa with big burritos, flautas ahogadas

A famous El Paso restaurant has moved to San Antonio, bringing with it two treats that were previously hard to find in South Africa: flautas ahogadas and giant California-style burritos. Tacoholics opened in early January with these two dishes on the menu, and they quickly became top sellers for the company here.

Over the past decade, Tacoholics has landed on many “best” lists thanks to its elevated version of the popular El Paso dish flautas ahogadas. Tacoholics owner Jessie Peña’s version features stone-ground tortillas filled with a choice of protein (including tofu) fried until crispy, then bathed in a tangy green tomatillo sauce and finished with queso fresco, queso asadero and cream.

“It really represents our culture and our city very well,” Peña said. “It’s been the number one seller since we opened.”

Tacoholics also features a pair of Southern California favorites. The Cali Burrito is a huge 18 inch flour tortilla stuffed with a choice of meats, rice, fries, beer cheese and more. Carne asada fries stack crispy fries or potato chips with guacamole, pico de gallo, beer cheese and a choice of protein. Both dishes are popular in the San Diego area.

Tacoholics also offers a wide range of tacos that can be customized with traditional toppings such as cilantro and onion, or a more modern twist in which proteins are glazed in Korean-style barbecue sauce.

If your appetite is huge, opt for the quarantine pack that includes 10 pounds of meat, three types of salsa, cheese, limes, and enough tortillas to make about 120 tacos.

Peña started Tacoholics as a food truck in El Paso in 2010 and later moved to a physical location. Faced with a rent hike, he decided to shut down the El Paso operation and move to the San Antonio area to be closer to his wife’s family, who live in New Braunfels.

The San Antonio iteration of Tacoholics operates as a ghost kitchen in a production facility located at 427 Lombrano Street near the Five Points neighborhood. Food is only available for pickup or delivery.

Tacoholics, 427 Lombrano St., 915-929-2592, tacoholics.com, Facebook: The tacoholics. Opening hours: from noon to 10 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday.

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