Family Says Washington Woman Found Dead in Mexico Hotel Room in Apparent Homicide, Investigation Continues | Help me Hayley

SPOKANE, Washington – A local family faces unimaginable grief after they say they are told by Mexican authorities that their loved one has been found dead in their hotel room. They say initial information indicates that she was the victim of a homicide by domestic violence, but the investigation is ongoing. They are working to get his body back to the United States where they hope for a second autopsy.

Sativa Transue was originally from Spokane and has lived in Cheney for most of his life. The 26-year-old was currently living in Milton, Wash., And told her family she was going on a Thanksgiving vacation trip.

“Her boyfriend wanted to go on vacation to Cancun, Mexico for Thanksgiving, so she went too,” Mykayla said. “She loved. Mexico. She had been there before. She texted me on Friday saying the sun was beautiful. And I’m so thankful that she got to enjoy it.”

But Mykayla said loved ones quickly became concerned when something looked weird about Sativa on the trip.

“Her friends contacted us with text messages Sativa sent just hours before she was found,” she said.

Family members said friends tried to connect with Sativa the next day. The worry quickly escalated into panic. They all had a feeling that something was wrong at all.

“(Two of her friends) went to the Milton Police Department,” she said. “We’re all so, so grateful for them. They then went to the FBI with everything Sativa told them that night. They have such a kind hearts, and we can never thank them enough.”

Mykayla said as soon as authorities in Washington learned of what had happened, they immediately started working to try and get answers from the Sativa family.

“My mom got a call from the U.S. Consulate in Mexico around 9:00 am Saturday to tell her that unfortunately Sativa was found dead in her hotel room,” Mykayla said. “At this point, they weren’t sure what had happened, but since then his death has been deemed a homicide. We will not have an official cause of death as long as a family member will not come to facilitate on our behalf. With Covid, and this being a crime in a foreign country, everything is moving slowly. “

KHQ has been working to confirm the details of Sativa’s death. We have contacted a local FBI spokesperson for confirmation of this situation, but they are unable to comment at this time. However, according to an article published in “The Riviera Maya Times”, Sativa’s boyfriend is in the custody of the Cancun police and is still in jail after his arrest over the weekend.

Mykayla said their family is desperate for Sativa’s remains to be repatriated to the United States.

“(We want) a second autopsy,” she said. “It is a very expensive process. We want and need justice for Sativa.”

Mykayla and other family members are now planning a celebration of life for Sativa. They said the world is a much darker place without it.

“Sativa has touched the hearts of everyone she has met,” Mykayla said. “She had such a beautiful smile and the most infectious laugh I have ever heard. She had the kindest heart and she was so caring that she put everyone before her. Sativa made friends. everywhere she went. She was the light in all of our lives. Sativa was the person I will always admire. Our family will never be the same without her. “

The family has set up a fundraiser to bring Sativa’s body back to Washington. They said any remaining donations would go to local resources that advocate for and help victims of domestic violence.

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