Fareham family say poo found in hotel pool in Mexico left mum in hospital for five days and ruined £ 8,500 in holiday

Malcolm McCloskey with wife Patricia and daughter Neola, 10, from Fareham

But that was the reality for the McCloskey family from Fareham who spent the majority of their two week vacation at the Riu Dunamar resort in Playas Mujeres, in their bedroom after falling ill from “feces in the pool”.

Papa Malcolm said, “Our illness was horrible and my wife’s symptoms were so severe that she had to go to the hospital. It’s simply something you shouldn’t expect on a luxury family vacation.

Wife Patricia, 43, spent five days in hospital with medical bills of up to £ 4,000, which had to be paid in advance but which the family has since managed to recover through insurance vacation.

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Malcolm, 63, said: “I had to take antibiotics after seeing the doctor and my 10-year-old daughter, Neola, was also very sick.

“We spent most of our all-inclusive vacations in our room feeling sick and eating bananas.

“When we read the hospital reports it was about feces and we saw men in white coats testing the pool and one had to be closed because a baby’s diaper had leaked. . The feces in the pool are disgusting.

“It could have also been the contribution of the food, because when we were there Public Health England issued a warning about potentially contaminated food. I was shocked when I spoke to other vacationers who were also sick.

Malcolm added: “When you book a trip costing £ 8,500 to a four or five star hotel through an agent, you would never expect something like this. They have failed in their duty of care.

“At the hotel they weren’t helpful and almost pretended we had made it all up, then when we got back they acted like they didn’t know and ever since they admitted it, they didn’t do anything about it. “

The family, who booked the August vacation with other frustrated vacationers who also suffered from severe stomach ailments during breaks at the Mexican resort, have now turned to legal experts to help them get answers and to obtain justice for the problems.

Irwin Mitchell’s team of international bodily injury specialists have now started their own investigation into the issues raised with them, including how the resort’s pool should be cleaned after the feces were found.

Senior Associate Lawyer Jatinder Paul said: “We are very concerned about the first-hand testimonials provided to us by our clients and we are already working to develop a clearer picture of their experiences.

“A case like this is of major concern as we have seen time and again how disease issues of this nature can have a lasting impact on those affected.

“With that in mind, we are committed to helping our clients achieve justice based on their experiences and would love to hear from anyone else who may have been involved as well.”

Malcolm added, “We are all so frustrated and upset with what has happened and think we want our voices to be heard.

“While nothing will change what happened to us, now we just want to be sure that the problems we faced will not happen again in the future.”

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