Filming of Alec Baldwin Rust: the actor seen at the hotel in New Mexico with the family of Halyna Hutchins


Alec Baldwin was pictured kissing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ husband and 9-year-old son outside a Santa Fe hotel.

Alec Baldwin was pictured hugging the husband and son of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who he accidentally shot with a propeller pistol.

The Hollywood star, 63, was seen with Halyna’s partner Matt and Andros, nine, on Saturday morning at a hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It comes after Thursday’s tragic accident on the set of a western Rust, who killed 42-year-old Halyna and saw director Joel Souza hit in the shoulder.

Baldwin wore dark pants, a dark jacket and a mask around his chin as he left the hotel where the actor stayed during filming.

The Oscar-nominated actor and Matt shared a tight embrace before Baldwin kissed Halyna’s young son.

Matt had originally traveled to Albuquerque where his wife’s body was brought before traveling to Santa Fe with Andros, it was reported.

The father and son stayed at the same hotel for at least one night before leaving on Saturday afternoon with their luggage.

Speaking of Baldwin, an eyewitness told the New York Post: “His body language was [that] of a beaten man, he was devastated, he looked aged.

“I thought at first that he grabbed the (luggage) cart to help him walk because he looked so down.”

Matthew, who had been married to Halyna for 16 years, previously tweeted a photo of his wife and son, writing: “Our loss is enormous.”

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that the weapon that killed Halyna was used for staggered target training fun by the film crew using real bullets.

It appeared that the vintage weapon was used by the crew during their downtime, reports TMZ.

Court records show Deputy Warden Dave Halls, 62, handed a vintage-style Colt to Baldwin and said he had no live ammunition while shouting “Cold gun” just before the tragedy.

It also emerged that chief weapons officer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, only spoke about her inexperience for the role last month.

It has been reported that she once handed a gun to a child while working on another movie.

A source told The Daily Beast: “She was a little careless with the guns, waving them every now and then.”

The source, who worked alongside Gutierrez-Reed on Nicolas Cage’s upcoming film, The Old Way, continued, “There were a few times she would load up the blanks and do it in a way that we thought was dangerous.”

“Lost without mom”

Halyna’s father Anatoly said The sun: “We still can’t believe that Halyna is dead and her mother is going mad with grief.

“But I don’t hold Alec Baldwin responsible – it’s the responsibility of the accessories that handle the guns.”

Anatoly is now fighting for his wife Olga and daughter Svetlana to fly to the United States to comfort Matt and Andros.

He said: “The little boy has been hit very hard – he is lost without his mother.

“Matt will decide if legal action will be taken. “

gun horror

A five-page affidavit, signed by a cop, recounted how Halls grabbed the gun and handed it to Baldwin during a filmed rehearsal of a church shooting scene.

The gun that was fired was one of three placed on a cart by the film’s gunsmith, Gutierrez-Reed, it was claimed.

He said: “The deputy director had no idea that live ammunition was in the propeller pistol.”

On day 12 of a 21-day shoot, Baldwin was about to film a scene in which he pulls a gun out of a holster, according to a source.

Cinematographer Halyna was curled up around a monitor lining up her next camera shot, with Souza crouching behind her.

Baldwin removed the pistol from its holster once without incident, but when he did it again he fired.

A single bullet hit Halyna in the chest and tore her apart before hitting Souza.

Script supervisor, Mamie Mitchell, said: “I ran out and called 911 and said, ‘Bring everyone, send everyone. This woman left early in her career.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reprinted with permission

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