Food truck owner looking to open new Mexican restaurant in Greenfield

Where the Whoppers once stood could be tacos.

A former Burger King restaurant in Greenfield could take on new life as a Mexican restaurant if city officials approve the plan.

Kalibre’s Restaurant & Bar is proposed for the former Burger King site at 4555 W. Forest Home Ave.

It would be led by Alejandro Hernandez, the owner of Kalibre Taco Food Trucka family business that he operates with his father, mother and sister.

Hernandez said the menu would feature Mexican cuisine and be similar to what’s on their food truck, but also feature home-style Mexican plates with dishes from different regions of Mexico.

The business would also include a bar.

The proposed hours are 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Wednesday and 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.

The proposal requires part of the property to be rezoned and requires a special use permit.

Greenfield Common Council is expected to address both points and hold a public hearing on Tuesday.

Hernandez said he likes being his own boss — he runs his own DJ company — likes to cook and was looking for a way to grow the family food truck business.

“We were talking like, hey, what if we opened our own restaurant,” he said. “It was just a random thought, what if we opened our restaurant, what would it be like?”

One thing led to another, Burger King’s old location landed on their radar, and now they’re working on renovations in preparation for an upcoming opening.

If city approval is given, Hernandez said Kalibre could be open by mid-to-late August or September.

The family would keep the food truck and use it for special events, Hernandez said.

Outdoor seating isn’t part of the current proposal, but Hernandez said it’s planned.

The same goes for a drive-thru.

“I feel like (a drive-thru) could be a huge hit,” he said. “Go to the drive-thru, grab some tacos real quick, and go home or go to work or go where they need to go, because they’re in a hurry, they’re having a quick break or something.”

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