Glass and steel form rooftop Cascada House apartment in Mexico City

Architects Ana Nuño de Buen and Luis Young used a green metal frame to form the structure of a spacious apartment built atop an existing building in Mexico City.

The Cascada House was designed by Mexican architects Nuño de Buen and Young to provide a self-contained unit atop a 1950s concrete building. It is located in the Pedregal neighborhood of San Ángel, a sought-after neighborhood in southern the city.

Cascada House is topped by two pitched roofs

The apartment covers 140 square meters and connects to the existing house below via an open stairwell.

Its profile is defined by two roof pitches, which flow to a central gutter running along the main axis of the addition. These rooflines open the interior spaces to views of the surrounding treetops.

A woman inside an empty room with wooden floors
Exposed green steel beams run throughout the apartment

Nuño de Buen and Young placed the services of the small house at the lowest point of the roof line, to allow for higher and brighter living spaces at the front and rear of the property.

“The structure itself sets the architectural program,” the architects said.

Kitchen cabinets match the structural color palette

To one side is an open concept living room and dining room, with a small kitchenette. This opens onto a generous patio via sliding glass doors.

“Thanks to large glass panels that open wide, the house integrates with the surrounding vegetation, dissolving the boundary between inside and outside,” they explained.

On the other side, the living room extends to form a secondary seating area. This space is furnished with a desk and a pair of armchairs, and can be used as an office or for meetings.

The only bedroom in the unit is accessible by a discreet hallway, and is separated from the living room by two back-to-back bathrooms. One of them is private from the bedroom, while the other is accessible from the living room.

A dining room opening onto a terrace
An open dining area connects to a patio via sliding glass

A simple material palette runs throughout the extension, primarily showcasing the house’s distinctive green color.

It is used for the steel structure, which is left exposed, as well as for cabinets, railings and window frames.

Cascada House by Ana Nuño de Buen and Luis Young
The apartment was built on top of an existing concrete building

Wide-plank wood floors are used in the interiors, and the furniture is by Taller Nacional, a Mexico City design agency.

Ana Nuño de Buen and Luis Young met at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) school of architecture in Mexico City and have been collaborating professionally since 2017.

Other projects in Mexico City include the renovation of an apartment in the famous CUPA tower by local firm Escobedo Soliz, and a courtyard block with a “secret garden” at its center, by CPDA Arquitectos.

The photograph is by Luis Young.

Project credits:

Service provider: Villa Ricardo
Structural Engineering: CAFEL Engineering
Furniture: Biggest National

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