Hispanic Heritage Month: Local chef creates buzz with new Mexican restaurant; healthy food with a twist


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A local chef is generating a lot of buzz with the launch of his new Mexican restaurant, with a twist.

It’s called “Milpa” and chef DJ Flores says it’s an alternative to healthier traditional dishes.

Milpa means a lot of things. In Mexico, it is part of the cultivation system of cultures. Corn grows with squash and beans. They all grow up together and I wanted to focus on that as far as Milpa is concerned, said DJ Flores – Owner, Head of Milpa.

A small business with big dreams. This is how DJ Flores envisions his new Latin restaurant which he says has a twist.

“We really focus on corn and the other vegetables around it. We offer a healthy alternative to Mexican cuisine, ”added Flores.

The Las Vegas native says the pandemic has changed a lot, including healthier lifestyles for many people. The challenge is to get them to taste what he has to offer, so he turns to social media to create the buzz.

“Roasted vegetables and hearty dressings and bowls. This is where a lot of people are heading. After the pandemic, they want to eat healthier and fitter, ”added Flores.

“Our most popular dish is barbacoa or tetelas. I think we brought them to Vegas, which are triangular masa pockets, ”Flores said.

His talent also goes further to satisfy your gluttony.

“We make the masa here in-house, so I make ice cream from it. It’s sweet and it tastes like Canela and it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted in terms of ice cream, and we have it sandwiched in a concha, ”Flores added.

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