Houston celebrity chef on vacation in Mexico is shocked by keyword on restaurant bill


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HOUSTON— Summer is here and vacationers from all over the world flock to Mexico for hospitality and warm beaches.

Unfortunately for a group of Houstonians, their recent visit has not been so hospitable.

The group, who were celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Tulum Resort Hotel and Spa in Mexico, were shocked when the table received a bill that contained a racial insult.

A member of the group, famous chef Tiffani Janelle, shared a photo of Bill with details of what happened on Facebook.

According to the post, she and her friends had finished their lunch when the waitress asked them for clarification on sharing the bill. The waitress came back and presented them with the bill, which said “Yee Ni ****”. Friends claim the waitress used the derogatory term to describe their table.

Janelle mentioned in the Facebook post that she was dismayed after speaking with several managers and staff, none of whom apologized or seemed shocked by the incident.

“Personally for me, it was my first vacation since 2012. It was wasted. Because mentally I had to come back to the way black people are treated in America. I wish I could start explaining that even though I struggled with wrestling, no one actually CALLED me A ****, across the street, until Monday, ”Janelle said.

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