Kim Kardashian’s Mexico Resort is more impressive than her photos


Unfortunately, your own vacation footage doesn’t generate the same social media buzz that Kim Kardashian does, but while you can’t surprise the world with relatively simple happy moments, you can certainly enjoy similar vacation accommodations.


That is if you have around $ 12,000 to blow a night out in the low season.

As Twitter found out recently, the reality TV queen took the family to Mexico this week where she splashed and played with the kids.

For visual proof, we give you the following tweet which shows a mom enjoying the beach on a hot summer day.

We know, it’s amazing.

Sixth page, however, reports something even more incredible. It looks like Kardashian is staying in the luxurious Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Mexico.

A quick glance at its website reveals startling details such as deliciously divine images of the property and a price tag that will leave you speechless.

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First up, here’s a video that will appeal to just about any traveler:

Of course, enjoying the kind of lavish accommodation that characteristics 30 full-time staff, 5-star chefs, and butler service will cost you dearly.

In fact, you almost have to be the star of your own show because the website offers prices ranging from $ 12,000 per night in low season (September 1-30) to $ 35,000 for New Years.

These prices reflect 2017 and unfortunately New Years availability is already sold out.

We can safely say that Kardashian and the kids aren’t exactly tough.


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