Luxury Mexican restaurant opens in the Design District with a nod to Monterrey

A great Mexican restaurant is opening in Dallas’ Design District. Called The Mexican, it is located at 1401 Turtle Creek Blvd. in a former light bulb store, and according to a statement will open March 11, for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

The restaurant has multiple owners but is run by Monterrey businessman Roberto Gonzalez Alcalá, whose family owns Mission Foods, among others. It’s his highly staged and decorated multi-million dollar coming out party – his love letter, his bow to closeness between Monterrey and Dallas.

The food is described as dishes inspired by northern Mexico that have been passed down from generation to generation with the highest level of expertise and faithful tradition of the region. Chef Rodrigo Lomeli will oversee a menu that incorporates local recipes, sauces and salsas from Monterrey.

Roberto Gonzalez Alcalá says this is not your typical Mexican restaurant.

“Inside our doors, we discover a contemporary New Mexico, which takes authenticity and luxury to uncharted heights,” he says. “Guests will experience an elevated cosmopolitan dining adventure that exemplifies the true traditional Mexican culture of innovation and passion, with great food, all rolled into one.”

The restaurant is 15,000 square feet with 320 seats, and spares no detail with:

  • eclectic tequila wall and tasting table
  • quirky cigar lounge equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation
  • scenic multi-level outdoor patios showcasing area scenery
  • original mexican tile
  • ceramic light fixtures
  • intricate touches of blues and golds

The private dining rooms feature regional art, with a special “Oaxaca Room” featuring pieces by Jacobo and Maria Angeles from Oaxaca that were specially designed for the restaurant.

“The Mexican’s design is truly unique,” says restaurant partner Rafael Abreu. “We are thrilled to share a bit of our heritage and the best of modern Mexico, through fine dining and a grand experience, with the Dallas community. We hope guests will feel like they’ve traveled to Mexico by walking. through our gates.”

The official menu is not yet available but dishes include a flagship marrow bone with filet mignon tacos; a nicely composed guacamole, like a Cobb salad; sea ​​bass, mango and pineapple ceviche on a shredded cucumber base; and sea bass on a bed of sautéed greens.

González Alcalá is a seasoned restaurateur, but in the fast food business.

“We have a KFC franchise in Costa Rica, so we know how to run the business, but this is my first fine dining restaurant,” he says. “We partnered with Rich Hicks (Taco Lingo) and some of our associates who have a lot of restaurant experience. We researched where would be the best place for this and decided Dallas was the best place.”

González Alcalá is so committed to the adventure that he got an apartment in Dallas so he could watch his baby full-time.

“We put so much love and passion into bringing the best of Mexico here,” he says. “I consider it an embassy – a culinary embassy.”

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