Mexican restaurant chefs reject The World’s 50 Best for believing organization promotes abuse and sexism



“Thank you, no thank you” reads an image posted on Instagram of Masala y Maiz , a Mexican restaurant which, thanks to its research, “explores the meeting points between countries like Mexico, India and East Africa”.

The phrase comes above a picture showing The 50 best restaurants in the world apply for Macallan Latin America icon price.

“We are grateful to be recognized among these incredible creators of change and from this pleasant and humble place, we have chosen to decline this nomination”, say Norma Listman and Saqib Keval, chefs of Masala y Maíz, via their social networks.

In addition to them, among the nominees are: Leandro Cristóbal, from Café San Juan, Argentina; Rodrigo Oliveira and Adriana Salay, from Mocotó and Quebrada Alimentada, from Brazil; and Rafael Rincón, from Food for All Chile and the Social Gastronomy Foundation, from Chile.

Why did they decide to refuse?

According to the statement, “institutions such as The World’s 50 Best [Restaurants] fostering a culture fractured by abuse and sexism. “

“We are convinced that to achieve the change our industry needs, we must stop contributing with a rewarding and prosperous system based on the exploitation of workers,” they explain.

Listman and Keval, expressed their willingness to work as a community and as a team to achieve a healthy future for all.

“We are full of hope for the changes taking place in our industry, we want to continue working as a community and as a team to continue to bet on a healthy and just future for all.”

What are the 50 best restaurants in the world?

It’s a ranking which since 2002 lists the restaurants considered to be the best in the world. On its website, this organization specifies:

“Since 2002, the 50 best restaurants in the world have reflected the diversity of the global culinary landscape. Thanks to its panel of more than 1,000 culinary experts, as well as its structured and audited voting procedure, the annual list of the best restaurants in the world offers a snapshot of some of the best destinations for unique dining experiences, in addition to be a barometer. for global gastronomic trends ”.

A restaurant that raises its voice

As we mentioned at the beginning of the note, Masala corn combines flavors from different cultures. In fact, masala means ‘mixture of spices’ which literally means ‘burning spice’ according to Larousse Kitchen, and this word is commonly used in Hindu cuisine.

This is not the first time that the restaurant has expressed itself in the fight for equality of conditions or for social causes. Within their social media posts, they also have posts that highlight these values, for example: “Building the community we want to live in.

Likewise, on 8M (March 8, 2021), they led an initiative for women (cis, trans and other dissidents) to pay what they could from their take-out menu, and donated their profits to the “We Want To Live Neza” organization.

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