Mexican restaurant moves from Mishawaka to Roseland

Over the past few years, a nondescript little building along North Dixie Highway in Roseland has housed several local restaurants, including Mikado Japanese, 2 Amigos Mexican Grill, and more recently, Tacos Jacinto.

But Jesus Montano Jr. is confident his family business can break the curse that seems to have fallen on space.

“We do it more our way,” Montano said. “…It helps that we kept our name and stuff because we brought a lot of people from the other place.”

Restaurant Manjares of Mexicowhich Montano owns with his parents and siblings, opened in its new location at 402 N. Dixie Highway after moving from its longtime location in Town and Country Mall in Mishawaka.

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Decision to move the restaurant

Initially, the family restaurant opened as Mishawaka Grill in the Miracle Lane space located near Mega Play and World Gym and served an American-style breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Then, in 2019, the Montanos turned the concept into a authentic Mexican restaurant with a new name, menu and decor with large, colorful murals of Mexican figures Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Pancho Villa painted inside the long window-sparse space.

“These characters here are very special to us because we grew up in the Hispanic community,” Stephania Montano, a waitress and one of Montano’s five siblings, said in 2019. very authentic.”

But after seven years, the owners wanted to change pace and be in a more prominent area with heavy traffic. Since last October, the family has continued operations at the Town and Country location while renovating and cleaning up their Dixie Highway space. Once construction was complete, the owners left the murals behind and reopened Manjares de Mexico in Roseland on March 11.

Jesus Montano Jr. poses for a portrait Monday, March 14, 2022 at Manjares de Mexico's new location in Roseland.

“It was hard (to leave the murals) because it was kind of like, on the walls, there was some kind of texture on them that you couldn’t completely peel off,” Montano said. “They were already there for so long.”

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A canvas mural by Guadalupe Reyna from Mexico City made the trip to the new location, and Montano said they plan to eventually incorporate some of these artworks into the new space. However, unlike the old space, the new building has windows surrounding the dining room, with little space for detailed artwork as before. Colorful tables and chairs fill the full-service dining room, and a reduced menu with popular dishes like tacos, burritos, and shrimp cocktails available with an American-style breakfast served on weekends. Montano said they had to reduce the menu to be profitable and had to give up a liquor license because it was not available for the new location, but, overall, he thinks the space is feels better than before.

Decor inside the restaurant Monday, March 14, 2022, at Manjares de Mexico in Roseland.

“I like this place a lot more,” Montano said. “There it was a bit long in the back and then just the windows in the front, but really no cars or anything. I was here for our first two days opening, and… it was going a lot better.”

The new building also has a drive-thru window, with Montano saying they need to replace the communication devices for that, but are currently working with what they have and offering the service for now.

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“It’s great (to be open),” Montano said. “We are definitely happy with the result.”

Manjares de Mexico is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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