Mexico’s hotel booking momentum hits 150-day high in SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Index


Data from SiteMinder, the leading customer acquisition platform for the global hospitality industry, today shows a steady recovery in Mexico’s accommodation industry, as the country surpasses 65% of its reservation levels 2019 for the first time since mid-March. SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Index shows hotel bookings in Mexico fell to their lowest level on April 29, at 10.88% of last year’s volumes, and have since increased 543% to 69 , 9%.

The data highlights a unique situation in Mexico. While domestic tourism now accounts for more than 67% of all guest arrivals at hotels, up from 54% in August 2019, international travelers contribute in a relatively higher proportion than in other major tourist destinations around the world. International travelers are expected to account for more than half of all hotel guest arrivals by October, compared to 20% in the United States and 22% in Chile.

“The steady increase in year-over-year hotel bookings in Mexico has been encouraging to watch over the past three months. This is due, in part, to the fact that more local holidaymakers are traveling to the country, but international business has also remained stable. Travelers from the United States, for example, can still travel to the country for their summer vacation, despite permanent land border restrictions, and these opportunities for hoteliers have therefore not been entirely lost ”, says Jason Lugo, senior regional manager for Latin America at SiteMinder.

In addition to international travel, the reactivation of domestic tourism by the Mexican government has been good news for hoteliers, who can expect to welcome more locals over the next 18 months. Recent SiteMinder Editing the traveler report, based on survey responses from nearly 570 Mexican residents, found that 45% will make their next domestic trip in 2021, while 43% intend to travel as quickly as this year.

Of the population surveyed, at least three in five are currently planning their next local vacation, and when it comes to choosing their accommodation provider, well-promoted health and safety practices are the main deciding factor for 63%.

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