Mexico’s Hotel Matilda prepares for annual Day of the Dead dinner


Day of the Dead comes to life at the Matilda Hotel in Mexico. The San Miguel de Allende property is gearing up for its sixth annual Cena Negra (“Black Dinner”) at the famous Moxi restaurant.

“Each year, our Black Dinner at Moxi’s is one of the most spellbinding and creative culinary extravagances celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico,” said Bruce James, manager of the Matilda Hotel. In El Día de los Muertos, Mexicans celebrate love and respect for their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away. Some families create altars adorned with candles and photos while others prepare special foods like pan dulce that are eaten during a picnic in a cemetery. Another centuries-old tradition is to dress in costumes adorned with skeletons and don face paint with the effigy of a sugar skull.

The restaurant’s own tradition incorporates these aspects of the celebration, from altars to face painting. Each staff member will be in costume and serve a six-course menu from chef Eduardo Garcia, widely regarded as one of the country’s top chefs. Also on the menu, an artistic intervention by Betsabeé Romero, who enjoys great international fame as one of Mexico’s most famous artists.

Each year this dinner becomes more exotic and dark. In 2015, the Black Dinner had a “Painted in Black” theme where a continuous lifeline decorated the entrance to the Matilda Hotel and led from Moxi’s dining room to the kitchen. In 2016, celebrity chef Enrique Olvera took Cena Negra to the streets of San Miguel. Dinner started with a cocktail in a plaza and was followed by a traditional callejoneada, a procession through the streets to the hotel. It was so exciting that CNN documented it all.

This year, Garcia, who worked under Olvera in Pujol, will prepare dishes like candied pork belly with artichoke puree, sunflower seeds, tarragon and onion juice and sweet potato with grilled macadamia nut and chamomile. . Expect intense flavors and flair, and come dressed for the event.

The 2017 Black Dinner at the Moxi Restaurant at the Matilda Hotel takes place on Thursday, November 2 and costs 2,500 pesos (approximately US $ 137) per person; the service is extra. For more information and to book: [email protected]

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