Miss Margarita is everything a Mexican restaurant should be

Want an authentic Mexican? Look no further than Miss Margarita’s revamped menu at Delhi’s GK-2. And don’t forget to pair the food with their progressive cocktails while you’re at it.

One of the tragedies of the Indian restaurant scene is that there are so few Mexican restaurants (no, Tex-Mex is not Mexican). It is, after all, a kitchen that should please us. And, yet, Mexico did not take as it should.

And then comes Miss Margarita and rewrites the story. Barely a year old, this restaurant has not only withstood stiff competition from the M-Block market of GK-2 (Diva, Sidecar, Fig & Maple, Mensho Tokyo, to name a few), but it also flourished and earned a loyal following. customer base. The friend I generously offered to take to check out their new menu turned out to be a regular.

Chef Noah Barnes is the culinary genius behind Miss Margarita.

The menu is from super talented chef Noah Barnes. Noah’s love for Mexican cuisine is evident on the menu at Miss Margarita. Speaking of the new menu, he says, “The influence behind the new dishes is to introduce the different styles of cooking meat from different regions of Mexico, from open-fire barbecuing to slow-cooking vegetables. With these dishes, we dove into the simpler, more rustic Mexican foods and preparations.

After tasting the menu, I can say that the dishes have a soul — and the soul is decidedly Mexican.

Miss margarita has a great tequila bar.
Miss Margarita has an excellent tequila bar.

For drinks, we stuck to the Pineapple Ginger Jalapeno Margarita and the Spicy Cucumber Agave, the latter made with premium Patron Reposado tequila. Both drinks were excellent, among the best I’ve had in a long time, but completely different from each other. While the pineapple drink was a bold burst of flavor, the cucumber one was a calmer, more confident drink that didn’t need any bells and whistles to impress.

Calling itself India’s first tequila bar, Miss Margarita celebrates all things tequila with a wide selection of cocktails and shots. Besides the drinks we drank, there are also Devils Double, Kafir Lime Mimosa Margarita, Spicy Berry Blast Slushy, Mojitorita Slushy and many more. And then there’s the Gigante Bull Dog Margarita, a classic lime margarita served in a liter glass with two Corona beers! Long live Mexico, I say.

We started the meal with an excellent guacamole. What stands out at Miss Margarita are the colorful nachos, served with a side of tomato and jalapeno salsas.

Shrimps with tequila at miss margarita.
Shrimps with tequila at Miss Margarita.

The prawns salsa roja tequila, which came next, were flambéed at the table — quite the performance! I would like to say that anything with tequila tastes great, but the truth is that the prawns were prepared with great skill and without Indianizing the flavor.

Filet with red onion and cilantro salsa at miss margarita.
Filet with red onion and cilantro salsa at Miss Margarita.

The Jalapeno & Cilantro Carne Asada – a thinly sliced, spice-rubbed juicy barbecue fillet served with a red onion and cilantro salsa – was the star of the afternoon. The tenderloin had been perfectly cooked, neither too much nor too little — and we all know how hard that is to find in this part of the world.

The Yucatan-style grilled pork belly and jalapeno skewers followed last, but by then we were too stuffed to fully tweak it. Sure, the taste was great, but I wonder if the restaurant would consider serving smaller pieces of pork belly for easier consumption.

Some of Miss Margarita's new dishes.
Some of Miss Margarita’s new dishes.

Fans of fajitas and tacos need not despair. Everything is here. Recommended dishes include stuffed chili skewers in roasted chipotle and tomato sauce (a black chili stuffed with corn and black beans, topped with melted cheese) and street-style corn elotes (sweet corn on the cob topped with crumbled feta , spices to rub, lime and coriander). For meat lovers, there’s also Tenderloin Birria Taco, a crispy pan-fried tortilla stuffed with perfectly braised pulled tenderloin, stringy Queso Blanco, and onion-cilantro salsa, and served with a dipping soup consommé. with ancho pepper; Roasted Bean and Cilantro Enchiladas, a tortilla wrapped around a filling and covered in chili sauce, with pieces of roasted tenderloin, black bean and onion salsa, cheese and jalapeno; and, last but not least, Seared pork tenderloin with roasted peppers, onions, tomatoes, chipotle marinade, salsa and lime.

The Tres Leches I wanted for dessert was not available – but that only means I will be returning to Miss Margarita soon.

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Max: 5 stars)
Food: 9/10
Serving: 8/10
Interior/Deco: 8/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

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