New in Oaxaca City in Mexico


Located in a 17th century mansion, the new boutique hotel combines colonial architecture, art and contemporary design.

A minimalist-inspired haven of peace – which blends vernacular architecture and sophisticated craftsmanship – the Sin Nombre hotel recovers the splendor of a 17th century colonial house, in one of the busiest areas of the historic center of the city of Oaxaca, a few meters from the zocalo, the cathedral and the Alameda de León.

The immaculate central courtyard of the Sin Nombre Hotel – dominated by impeccable white tones and flooded with natural light – recalls entering a special environment where time fades between columns, arches and ashlar floors. ; while promoting an atmosphere that invites rest and contemplation between soft cushions and handmade rugs. The ultramodern atmosphere with Arabic undertones immediately captivates visitors with numerous sensory triggers, providing an authentic experience in one of Mexico’s most recognized destinations.

After a methodical and respectful restoration by architect João Boto Caeiro, tradition, design and sustainability come together in a project that achieves unostentatious elegance.

The result merges the contemporary perspective of Oaxaca with the original strong architectural elements of the property, such as its central staircase, which exhibits the bespoke textile work of artisan Rey David of Teotitlán del Valle; the vaulted ceilings and walls have been treated like real canvases, and pay homage to ancestral local painting techniques, which use charcoal, limestone, earth and clay.

A play of light and shadow – enhancing the building’s intrinsic brightness and space – is found in different areas of the hotel, including the 22 carefully decorated guest rooms with tropical wood furniture, antique pieces and linens. in snow tones contrasting with colored hand embroidery. locally made bed throws and textiles.

Each corner of the building allows you to discover unique details: the glass dome and ironwork from the beginning of the 20th century; the “BIBLIOTEKITA”, an intimate corner dedicated to reading and writing; the rooftop swimming pool, where each sunset illuminates the Church of Santo Domingo and the Cathedral, offering breathtaking views of Monte Albán and San Felipe.

The cultural effervescence of Oaxaca plays a central role in the Sin Nombre Hotel. For this reason, the work of local artists is present within the hotel. One example is the professional portrait and landscape photography of Alberto “El Negrito” Ibáñez, whose black and white images – mostly nudes – hang on the walls of each suite and the hotel’s common areas. Likewise, the decorative neon Chimalli Yanhuitlán by Sabino Guisu, one of the most important pieces of Mixtec goldsmithing, illuminates the spectacular terrace.

The accommodation experience is complemented by Restaurante Sin Nombre, the culinary proposition of Chef Israel Loyola who, in an avant-garde way, combines the traditional flavors of various regions of Oaxaca with vegan recipes prepared with seasonal ingredients from biological agriculture. Respecting local harvest cycles, the menu is renewed every three months, offering a delicious touch of originality and refinement.


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