Peach Blossom Mexican Restaurant in Rochester NY to host fundraiser

Mother and son Minerva Martinez and Marco Murcia have tried their luck opening Mexican restaurant Peach Blossom amid the coronavirus pandemic and resulting restrictions, labor shortages, rising prices and supply chain issues.

They had to face other challenges when a long sidewalk reconstruction projectwhich is part of the Roc the Riverway plan, started outside their door at 9 E. Main St. near the Four Corners in downtown Rochester.

Then, on October 5, while they were finishing work inside their establishment, the truck they use to run their business was vandalized. The driver’s side window was smashed and about $400 in cash and property was stolen, Murcia said.

Ten days later, after hours, someone broke down the restaurant’s front door and grabbed about $600 from the cash register, he said.

That’s enough to make a person want to throw in the towel.

Martinez and Murcia refuse to do so.

“My mother and I are very humble,” Murcia said. “We always say, ‘Whatever God brings to us, we will be very happy. We are very optimistic and look to the future. This situation will not discourage us.

To drive this point home, starting at 12:30 p.m. today (Tuesday), they’re having a fundraiser. Everyone who visits Peach Blossom will receive two tacos and a side of rice and beans in exchange for a donation while supplies last.

The size of the gift doesn’t matter, Murcia said.

As much as he and his mother — who in 2003 immigrated to Atlanta from Mexico before moving to the Rochester area — would like to recoup their monetary losses, the event is just as much about rallying emotional support for the pair.

“Money comes and goes,” Murcia said. Mental anguish is another matter, and back-to-back flights have caused plenty of that. (No arrests were made in the restaurant break-in, according to the Rochester Police Department. Murcia said police responded after the truck break-in, but he was not notified of any arrests. .)

“This is where we come to work every day. It really cost us dearly,” Murcia said.

Yet they are attached to their location.

“Even if you want to take us down, we will get back up,” he said.

He hopes today’s event shows that “we have a whole community behind us to keep moving forward”.

Starting in 2021: Peach Blossom Mexican restaurant opens in downtown Rochester.

Journalist Marcia Greenwood covers general assignments. Send story tips to [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @MarciaGreenwood.

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