Sabroso, a traditional Mexican restaurant, is coming soon to St. Ann



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  • Sabroso offers traditional Mexican cuisine in St. Ann this fall.

St. Louis will soon become a new destination for traditional Mexican cuisine, thanks to a longtime popular chef. Sabroso (11146 Old St. Charles Road, St. Ann; 314-918-5037), a restaurant of Mission Taco’s former joint director of culinary operations, “Chef Miguel,” will soon open in St. Ann, offering tamales, pabil cochinata, empanadas and more.

The restaurant is a dream come true for Chef Miguel (who prefers to wear only his first name), a seasoned chef who has been working in the food industry in one form or another since the age of ten. When he grew up in Mexico, food was always a part of his life and as soon as he was of working age he found a job with a woman who ran a popular food cart in his hometown. Under his tutelage, he learned to cook a variety of street foods and also honed his craft at home with his mother.

These two experiences have given him a rich culinary experience that he has drawn upon in his cook jobs here in the United States, including his most recent position with Mission Taco Joint. For several years, Chef Miguel worked alongside brothers Adam and Jason Tilford, first at their popular upscale restaurant Milagro Modern Mexican and finally at Mission Taco Joint, where he was in charge of leading the culinary side of operations. of the many sites of the brand.

When the pandemic forced the Tilfords to make the difficult decision to fire Chief Miguel, he took it as a sign that it was time for him to go it alone. With his wife Brandi by his side, he devised plans for Sabroso not just as a restaurant, but as a forum to teach diners about the many different styles of Mexican cuisine. As Brandi explains, this educational component is an important part of what they hope to do with the restaurant.

“He loves food so much and wants to educate people about the different cooking styles and techniques and where they come from,” Brandi said. “This is how the menu is put together. We tell people what part of Mexican a dish comes from and we even give a little insight into the cooking style. This is one of our missions – educating people. that there is Mexican food beyond beans and rice and fajitas. We have these things too, but what we want to give you is what you would get if you went to a grandma’s house or a mother.

As Brandi explains, there’s no dish that better exemplifies this kind of home cooking comfort than Sabroso’s tamales. Chef Miguel has worked for years perfecting his masa; the restaurant has a machine that grinds the corn, and after it is ground, it adds pork fat and other seasonings. She is convinced that once diners try Sabroso’s tamales, they will be amazed.

While there is no opening day for Sabroso yet, Brandi expects the restaurant to be open during the next week, hopefully by October 1. In the meantime, they’re working hard to get everything in order so that they can soon welcome guests to show them a deeply personal dining experience to Chef Miguel.

“Food has always been a part of her life,” says Brandi. “For him, it’s the dream of a lifetime.”

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