Santa Fe apartment complex tenants must move out due to power outage

SANTA FE, NM — According to tenants, all Railyard Flats apartments in Santa Fe lost power on Friday.

The tenants said management told them to move out by July 6.

“There’s almost no availability of apartments within 20 minutes of Santa Fe,” said Thomas Flanigan, one of the tenants. “And I mean zero. It is therefore a very difficult situation for 56 units.

The tenants told KOB 4 that management did not tell them what caused the power outage – but it could take up to three months to fix.

“I thought, where are we going to live? I just moved to Santa Fe a few weeks ago and it took about several months to find an apartment with an opening,” said Helen Wang, another tenant. “The idea of ​​starting this process over again was really crazy.”

Renters are staying in hotels and hoping for a refund. Some tenants still remain in their apartments helpless.

“It’s a critical situation,” tenant Donna Huaman-Castillo said. “My daughter and I sleep on inflatable mattresses, take cold showers. They don’t even feed us.

Tenants want management and landlords to fix the situation.

“I think since Greystar runs a lot of other resorts, at the very least they should pay for us to stay in an apartment, pay moving costs, etc.,” Flanigan said.

KOB 4 contacted Railyard Flats for comment and received this statement:

“We have encountered unforeseen electrical issues and are working with contractors on a permanent solution. Due to out of stock and supply chain issues, this could be a long term project. We understand the inconvenience this has caused many of our residents and therefore we are allowing those affected to break their lease without penalty. In the meantime, we have placed them in hotels until July 8.

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