Shimmering Modern Las Vegas Mexican Restaurant in Deep Ellum Dallas

A Las Vegas restaurant group is opening a grand Mexican restaurant on the edge of Deep Ellum in Dallas. Called La Neta Cocina Y Loungeit’s owned by the 81/82 group, founded by industry veteran Ryan Labbe, and will open in the new three-building development called The Epic in 2023.

This is Labbe and the 81/82 Group’s first venture outside of its flagship Las Vegas location, which opened in 2021.

According to a statement, the restaurant will offer the same “unapologetically unique” experience as the Vegas original. Here’s a good phrase: local ingredients with bold flavors from the frontier will indulge the senses with exciting flavors and craving dishes offering a range of options for every palate.

The menu understand :

  • ceviche with choice of shrimp or cauliflower, it’s cool to have the choice
  • fajitas
  • lobster enchiladas
  • flank steak with chorizo
  • “trash potato” garnished with lobster and flank steak
  • Oysters
  • calamari
  • albondigas/meatballs
  • beef or tuna tartare, also fresh to offer choice

A quintet of “for the table” dishes includes paella, whole fish, prime rib barbacoa with polenta, and a taco spread with choices of steak, shrimp, chicken, and mushrooms.

They are open for lunch and brunchwith breakfast tostadas, hash of barbacoa, waffle bread pudding and avocado toast.

The dishes are said to be elegantly plated works of art.

The cocktail menu is centered around tequilas and mezcals, with fresh, seasonal ingredients. In Vegas, they have three margaritas on tap, including one with mango puree.

The release says the design hopes to transcend its everyday guests into a luxurious culinary and visual escape meant to feel like you’re in the heart of the jungle in Tulum, Mexico. Transcend seems like a weird verb choice, but totally understand what they’re saying.

They will incorporate nature into the dining experience with lively accents, including a living wall art installation featuring lush vegetation that they hope will create the ultimate escape from reality.

Labbe is a prodigy who started his career as a consultant working for hotel groups such as The Light Group, Wynn, Hakkasan and Drais. In addition to La Neta, they also have another Mexican concept called Mas Por Favor, which they inadvertently opened at the start of the pandemic in January 2020.

Labbe says he’s been waiting for an opportunity to expand the La Neta brand and thinks The Epic in “downtown Dallas” is perfect. Yes yes, it’s actually just outside of downtown, but rest assured, it’s from Vegas.

“We look forward to entering the Dallas community and serving the needs of locals and tourists alike,” he said. “We are honored to add to the culture that extends to the wide selection of restaurants in the area and plan to deliver a unique and unapologetic dining experience in the heart of Dallas.”

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