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The delicious smells, tastes and joys of authentic Mexican cuisine are now available on Windsor’s east side at El Dorado Taco’s.

Owner Luis Reynaldo Garcia Pinto, along with his mother and recipe mistress Juana Pinto, have opened the doors to their new establishment. Nestled in Forest Glade, they have found success despite opening on January 7 – which was early 2022 restaurant restrictions.

Chef and owner of El Dorado Tacos Juana Pinto (middle in white sleeves) stands next to his son and also owner Luis Garcia Pinto (right) alongside their team.

“We were thinking of having a dining room, but with all the uncertainty lately, we have found a place that mainly offers take-out,” says Garcia Pinto.

“We’ve seen a lot of places in the past that we liked the format of, so we infused authentic food with the style people know. It’s modern and efficient,” he notes.

The dining room.

The family behind the food are originally from Guatemala, but spent much of their life in Oaxaca, Mexico – around 15 years, before coming to the United States as refugees; they eventually settled in Canada.

Chico Garcia, taco maker, packer and owner, stands at his station happily whipping up flautas.

Garcia Pinto, who was born in Mexico, has spent most of his life in Windsor. He and his family are happy to bring their services, food and drink to town now.

“My mother always had restaurants,” says Garcia Pinto. “She did it in Mexico, we had one in Leamington but we moved. We have always been business people. This restaurant here in Windsor is brand new,” he also notes, as this is their first Eldorado business.

“We’re really working on building a brand here. My mother is the one who cooks in the kitchen [along with the employees], I somehow manage the whole thing. The recipes are all hers.

“It’s truly a labor of love for Mexican cuisine. We wanted to have really good Mexican food in Windsor – stuff we would eat too. We love food,” says Garcia Pinto with a smile.

The El Dorado family felt the love locally, mentioning how they have been quite busy even with only take-out available for the first time they have been open. “The phone is still ringing. Birria tacos are very popular, as are regular tacos. People love our ceviche,” says Garcia Pinto. Word of mouth has been great for the business, with many of their customers discovering them through social media, friends and family members since their soft opening.

The name El Dorado itself means the gold. “It’s kind of the imagery of ‘the best’, which is why the letters are gold. Mom’s recipes are always the best!”

Garcia Pinto notes that all the food at El Dorado is authentic, high quality, and made from scratch, even the tortillas.

“We have a tortilla machine out back. We believe that if we do something, we should do it the best we can. Everything is made to order, made here, and is made from traditional recipes; family owned and operated.

Menu items available to order at El Dorado include birria tacos, flautas, ceviche, tacos, gorditas, horchata, churros and more.

Discover their menu and their flavors on their website hereand follow the news on their Facebook page here. Visit El Dorado Tacos at 9733 Tecumseh Rd E.

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