The best Mexican restaurant in New Jersey is one of the best in the United States

One of my favorite dishes to dine in and enjoy is “Mexican”. I enjoy a lot of different dishes when it comes to Mexican recipes. Enchiladas, tamales, flutes, chorizo, burritos and tacos to name a few.

I find Mexican food to have a good, bold taste and lots of vegetables. Not all Mexican recipes are extremely spicy, and you can often get foods with less “hit”, so don’t be intimidated to try. There is of course the possibility to enjoy savory dishes with a “kick”. Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian

Another thing I love is dessert at a Mexican restaurant, including my favorite Tres Leche cake! If you’ve never had Tres Leche Cake, you’re missing out on a truly fantastic experience. One of my top 10 desserts of all time.

We have many fantastic Mexican restaurants here on the Jersey Shore. So maybe enjoy a meal there, but if you’re looking for the best Mexican restaurant in New Jersey and one of the best in America, look no further than Jersey City. According love foodthis restaurant is a gem in the Garden State.

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According to Love Food Oral Mexican Cuisine in Jersey City is the best Mexican restaurant in Jersey and one of the best in the United States. “Delicious options like avocado toast with seitan and bone marrow tacos. Cocktails, like blood orange or blueberry margaritas, are just as innovative and delicious.”

Have you had dinner at Orale? If you have shared your impressions and any recommendations with us. If you have a favorite local Mexican restaurant, let us know which one you prefer.

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