The hotel empire of Joaquín Sabina and Julio Sánchez: their Mexican restaurant in Madrid

ran the the 90’s and some artists such as José Coronado, Javier Marías, Miguel Bosé, among others, gathered every afternoon, about 500 nights and well over 19 days at ‘Coffee’a small restaurant in Calle Belén in Madrid run by Joaquín Sabina himself and Julio Sánchez will speaksing, drink and have fun. There they grew up, had fun and met the most outstanding artists of the Spanish cultural scene. Yeswe the walls speak…

After the crisis of the year 92 and despite the good times they had in this “gathering”, the losses in ‘Coffee’ They stood out because Julio Sánchez, a close friend of Sabina, decided to invest in the country rather than the singer-songwriter. So he convinced Sabina that gastronomy from the Aztec country was in Madrid so people could enjoy this exciting world.

It was then, and thanks to the help of some Mexican restaurant friends, that the August 1, 1995, “The Cafe” become ‘The bite’ and to this day he has become one of Reference Mexicans and has grown a lot throughout the peninsula becoming a franchise.

Joaquín Sabina and Julio Sánchez playing guitar together.

Julius Sanchez.

Sanchez, despite being 10 years younger than the singer-songwriter, is very his longtime friend. They went through a lot together and, in fact, according to Sánchez, he recounted in statements to SPANISHHe lived in his house for a long time. to drive’The bite’ it was the heritage they put into practice.

Mexican gastronomy

The former singer of ‘The InHumans‘ and the one who has been the presenter of several shows on Telemadrid is clear that ‘the opening of this restaurant has been a complete success. “We have been open for over 25 years now. So much so that they are already considered one of the references in Mexican gastronomy which is due, as Sanchez points out, to the fact that “we did it when this type of food was not yet sold in Spain. We have defined a style. Many Mexican restaurants on the peninsula itself and even in Europe come from many customers who they passed and they liked”.

On the other hand, the modern aesthetic so colorful premises is one of the areas that works the most and from which Julio personally ordered for years. As it states, all the decorations, as well as the Mayan-themed murals and sculptures, are handmade by artists from high level: “Thanks to our Mexican friends, we had contacts with Mexican artists like the great painter Antonio Medina. Later, we developed them with a powerful cast of Venezuelan and Bolivian artists who handle color very well.

All the premises have this successful theme but the design of each one is different, “everything is decorated down to the last corner”. currently there 9 restaurants in the Spanish capital.

But, without a doubt, ‘La Mordida’ is different because it has a great relationship price quality. “All the ingredients we use are natural and we even import some directly from Mexico,” says Sánchez. And the fact is that its menu offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes: from enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, salads, even drinks like cocktails, Mexican jarritas and even flavored water at very affordable prices.. You can eat in conditions in Less than 10 euros.

Joaquín Sabina and Julio Sánchez with friends.

Julius Sanchez.

star dishes

The restaurant’s star dishes, Sánchez recalls, could be “the tacos al pastor, cochinita pibil and nachos with guacamole” and he believes, although a long time has passed, that the composer of ‘Pongamos que hablo de Madrid’ really liked the dish of the cochinita pibil. This specialty is made up of 4 baked and pulled pork tortillas with orange juice and achiote, spicy onion and refried beans that cost only €9.80. For his part, the friend of the singer-songwriter points out that his favorite is undoubtedly the Mole Enchilladas which have a price of €12.80 and it’s three cornflakes stuffed with chicken or vegetables bathed in a rich sauce and topped with cheese.

Charles Ruiz is the current director of “The Bites”. As for Sánchez, he is professionally further away from the restaurant. “I live near Valencia on a farm with burritos, chickens and my family. Now I want to enjoy the contemplative life,” Julio laughs. And, although he warns that he has not been to ‘La Mordida’ with his friend for a long time, ‘because “Sabina, due to her health problems, has isolated herself over time” encourages people to try this wonderful Mexican gastronomy.

And it is not for less because it is, without a doubt, a place to contemplate art and music, eat, enjoy and have fun. ‘gathering’ with friends or family to remember How it all began.

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