This wooded oasis by a stream now houses a Mexican restaurant

Naco Mexican Eatery’s first brick-and-mortar restaurant, nestled in the wooded oasis of Los Patios, makes the city feel like miles away. Sitting on the expansive wooden deck, under the amber glow of a canopy of hanging lamps, creates a Mexican resort feel just off Loop 410 and Nacogdoches Road.

For more than three years, husband-wife duo Francisco Estrada and Lizzeth Martinez have served their award-winning tacos, tortas and chilaquiles in a food truck. Naco 210 in Los Patios is the full extension of their brand open to the public on Thursday, December 9.

The owners hosted a preview of their new digs and favorites on Wednesday, December 1. Read our first thoughts below.


First look at Naco 210 inside the Los Patios development.

Madalyn Mendoza,

If you blink, you might miss the Los Patios entrance at the 2015 NE Loop 410. The low-key entrance appears like a quick right turn sandwiched between a car dealership and doctor’s offices. The road to the Los Patios development is a tree-covered path that winds through a small forest and into the parking lot, which also serves the popular Comfort Cafe, which just opened Olla Express, and more. Fairy lights illuminate a sidewalk that winds through the natural setting and ends at the entrance to Naco 210.

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The design of the pre-existing building includes an expanse of floor-to-ceiling glass windows that creates an open-air atmosphere even when you’re inside. A tree growing in the center of the restaurant accentuates the feeling. Although the view from inside is nice, I was drawn to the wooden deck. The amber glow of a pendant canopy illuminates the space and the runoff from the nearby Salado stream provides a relaxing ambient sound. In other words, it’s a perfect meeting place.

The food

First look at Naco 210 inside the Los Patios development.

First look at Naco 210 inside the Los Patios development.

Madalyn Mendoza,

Tacos were on the preview menu. I was thinking of ordering taquitos when I selected by three: pastor, green salsa chicken, and diabla camarones. I was surprised (and excited) when instead three full size tacos were served. The pastor and the shrimp tacos were outstanding. The tender, melt-in-the-mouth pork shavings were garnished with cilantro and onion. The strained shrimp in my seafood option absorbed the spicy sauce perfectly.

More to know

The Naco 210 will also serve chilaquiles all day, Egg Benedict for breakfast, Mexican-inspired croissants, aguas frescas and more.

Hours are Thursday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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