TikTok advice helps catch Compton murder suspect at Mexican resort

Compton, CA (KABC) -Susanasaras is down. Her daughter, Daisy Delao, 19, died in February after being stabbed outside her family’s apartment in Compton.

“My daughter is not going to give me grandchildren,” Saras said tearfully. “I never go to my daughter’s wedding. I never see her grow up.

Saras told Eyewitness News that Daisy was in her second year at East LA College and dreamed of someday owning her own business. She was creative and loved to camp and cook with her mom.

Saras says Daisy broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Victor Sosa, 25, about a month before the murder. There is suspicion of physical violence, at least in part. Saras says Sosa texted Daisy that February night to persuade her to come out.

“I’ll be back, ok, I won’t take long, I promise,” Saras recalls, telling Daisy. “This is the last word my little girl said to me. She left, she never came back.

Daisy’s grandfather told witnesses he saw Victor Sosa staring out of his apartment window the night before Daisy’s departure.

“I saw someone and who was he like? Oh, it’s Victor, it’s Victor, ”says José de la O.

The next day, Saras was called by a murder investigator at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office. She rushed home. Daisy’s body was still there.

“I had a body bag that was my child,” Saras exclaimed. “I fell because he was holding me, my feet turned like Jell-O, I fell to the ground and started to cry, where is my child?” My Where are your children? Where are my children? “

Property manager Juan Theres found Daisy’s body covered with a roll of carpet early the next morning.

“I found the body right there,” Teres said, pointing to an alley-like area between the two apartments. “I was scared because I was surprised to see my body. I couldn’t find my body there, so I picked up the mat. What hell!”

Victor Sosa was the immediate suspect, but he was blown away. LASD detectives followed all leads. Meanwhile, Daisy’s friends have launched their own campaign to find Sosa on TikTok and Instagram.

Using the hashtag “Justice for Daisy”, her friend blew up a photo of suspect Victor Sosa.

“Victor Sosa is on the run and the detective has worked with several agencies to find him,” said Lieutenant Charles Calderaro.

The trick that broke the deal? Someone recognized Sosa from a friend’s social media campaign and found him working at Rosalit Bar and Nightclub Papas & Beer.

“Papas & Beer is like a restaurant or bar for tourists,” explains Lieutenant Calderaro. “And based on the information we gathered, he worked on it for several weeks. “

“This guy was living the best life in Rosarito, like he hadn’t done anything,” says Saras, a photo sent by Tarekomi to a friend of Daisy Sosa’s at the bar. “It is clear that he drinks and smokes… he is a man without conscience or conscience. He kills someone like he killed my child.

Sosa was arrested on July 2 and returned to Los Angeles for prosecution. He pleaded not guilty to the first class murder.

Security footage from the apartment that night could play a role in the trial. Detectives believe Sosa is showing he’s dragging Daisy down the alley.

Saras is grateful to the LASD murder agent who has sworn to track down Daisy’s murderer.
“And I remember he said, ‘Don’t worry about Mija, we’ll find him,'” Saras recalls. He said, ‘I promise you Mija, we’ll find him. “”

“I was worried my daughter had different stats,” Saras told Eyewitness News. “Oh, a Hispanic girl, a Mexican-American girl, was killed by her boyfriend. No, it wasn’t. My daughter’s voice was important. My daughter was important to people. So this is the world for me. Meant “

Saras wants Daisy’s justice and wants to find the power of other women to leave the abusive relationship by telling her story.

“I think they have a toxic boyfriend, a possessive boyfriend, that’s not good,” said Saras. ” He did not changed. My daughter thought he was going to change. He never changed and killed her.

Daisy’s spirit lives on through her mother and two brothers and is never forgotten by her family.

“I love her forever, I miss her forever,” said Saras. “Until I stop breathing, until I see her again.”

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