Titles: Fire Damages “Karate Kid” Apartment; Exploring Lao Cuisine in SoCal

Happy International Women’s Day! Welcome to LA TACO Daily News, where we bring our loyal members, readers and supporters the latest headlines on Los Angeles politics and culture. Stay informed and watch carefully.

-Melissa Lucio, a mother of twelve, is due to be executed in Texas next month despite multiple judges finding her trail unfair as well as a forced confession in her daughter’s death. [Innocence Project/HBO]

—LAUSD has seen a 40% decline in enrollment over the past 20 years, with some schools struggling to operate with declining enrollment. [LAT]

—A new book examines the rise of Mexican neighborhoods in Chicago and their struggle against gentrification. [Borderless Mag]

—Reseda’s South Seas apartment building, made famous as Daniel LaRusso’s home in Karate Kid and Cobra Kaiwas damaged in a fire last night, with no one injured. [KTLA]

—An injured and stranded pygmy sperm whale was euthanized on Malibu’s Surfrider Beach on Sunday. [KTLA]

—The New York Times explores four Lao restaurants in Southern California. [NYT]

—Artist Noni Olabisi, known for her powerful community murals in Los Angeles, has died at 67. [LAT]

—The City of LA is suing three companies, including Monsanto, for polluting our local waterways with dangerous PCBs. [SMDP]

— Help stop Mobil Exxon’s “dangerous proposal to restart three offshore oil rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel and send nearly 70 tanker trucks full of oil a day down our coastal highways.” [Environmental Defense Center]

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