Travel TikToker accuses Mexican restaurant of charging $150 for eggs and fruit: ‘Theft’

A travel vlogger took ICT Tac claim that a Tulum, in Mexico, Restaurant she and a few friends charged him $150 each for eggs and fruit and $75 for a cup of black coffee.

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ICT Tac user Tania (@tanialov3s) publishes spectacular videos of his travels every day. In a video, she explained that she left her job in finance at the end of 2021 and has been traveling full time since. The plan to make such a major life change took him three years.

In February, Tania documented her move to Mexico, where she has been traveling for a few months and documenting the beautiful sights and stunning food. But in its most popular download yetTania claimed that a breakfast in Tulum cost her three times her allotted daily budget.

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“POV: You are in Tulum and you thought a simple breakfast of fruit and omelette was 150 Pesos… when in reality it is 150 USD [per] person and your budget for the day was around $50,” Tania wrote in TikTok’s text overlay.

In a follow up video responding to a commentTania alleged that the restaurant was Jungle Cuisine, which describes itself as a “hidden restaurant in the jungle” on instagram.

“I was unprepared,” Tania said of the final cost. “To be charged that and it was less food, I didn’t expect that.”

Tania too replied to another comment in a separate video which claimed that the restaurant was “supposed to advertise the price in pesos” and that restaurants were “required by law to use the local currency”.

“This comment here is nothing but facts,” Tania said. “It was only when my friend jokingly said [to the waiter], ‘It’s Pesos, right? Not us?’ and all of us, our jaws literally dropped. Like, are you kidding me?

According to the federal consumer protection law in Mexico, the articles “must be expressed in Spanish and their price in Mexican currency, in a legible and easily understandable way”. Prices and descriptions “may also be expressed in another language or system of measurement” – but only in addition to the Spanish language and Mexican currency.

Tania also claimed that the waiter told the group that this was a common complaint that had already been made to the managers and owners.

“I guess we’re not the only ones going through this,” she said. “For me it was the lack of transparency – if you know what the price will be, just announce it.”

“This is armed robbery,” one commenter wrote of the cost.

“Anyone who says ‘you should have clarified’ is really living the high life,” said another. “Most people would assume eggs and fruit are 150 pesos, not $150.”

“If you can support local restaurants, the food will always be amazing at reasonable prices,” Tania concluded in a comment.

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