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Anibal Amezcua, co-owner of Mi Lindo Tizapan, recalls the kitchen of his new restaurant which opened less than a week ago in Decatur. Amezcua and Jose Navarrete had operated a food truck of the same name and decided to make the food available year round.

Beckett Donnette

DECATUR – Anibal Amezcua, co-owner of Mi Lindo Tizapan, opened his Mexican restaurant less than a week ago.

After the success of a food truck of the same name, the time had come to find a permanent and warmer place to serve specialty dishes.

“Now it’s too cold,” Amezcua said.

Mi Lindo Tizapan’s location at 546 Brush College Road, Decatur is ideal for their clients looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. Located near Archer Daniels Midland Co., Caterpillar, Tate & Lyle and other Decatur businesses, the restaurant serves traditional tacos, burritos, enchiladas and taco salads.

“But when we started, they came just for the Quesa-Birrias,” Amezcua said. “Right now they’re testing a lot of things that we have. “

Quesa-Birrias are made of beef with cheese, onion and cilantro. According to Amezcua, customers fold the shell like a taco and dip it in a special sauce. New items continue to be added to the menu with many meals served in large portions. “For me, I eat half and take the other half home,” Amezcua said.

Drinks include non-alcoholic drinks. No alcohol or dessert is served.

Amezcua and co-owner Jose Navarrete began serving customers via a food truck during the pandemic after their work with contractors slowed. “We wanted more homemade Mexican food,” Navarrete said. “Then we tried to do something different with the food. “

At the end of food truck season, the owner of the East End Plaza building suggested that the two men move into the empty space at the south end of the building. Plans to return to the truck next year have not been decided.

Mi Lindo Tizapan,

The former food truck, Mi Lindo Tizapan, is now announcing its new location.

Beckett Donnette

Amezcua and Navarrete were successful in the short time they served the food they know well. “It’s the food we grew up with in Mexico,” Navarrete said.

The two have been at Decatur for about 16 years, employed at ADM and other contractors for much of that time. They often worked outdoors and at various locations, until COVID-19 reduced their hours. “We decided after the pandemic that we would come up with something like this. Said Navarrete.

Although many restaurants struggled during the pandemic, Amezcua and Navarrete believed it was the perfect time to open a business doing something they enjoy. “And people got a good response,” Navarrete said.

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Men have understood the attraction of food trucks and outdoor restaurants.

“When we work on the road, we only buy food from the streets or from food trucks,” Navarrete said.

In order to attract new and regular customers, traders parked their food trucks at the north end of the esplanade parking lot. “People are coming slowly,” Navarrete said.

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